Doug Stidham specializes in creating the area’s most beautiful and artistic Fine Art photography. Professional studio lighting is used exclusively in Doug’s work. Set up in the comfort and privacy of your home, studio lighting not only removes the unpredictable nature of the weather & natural light, it affords the opportunity to spend more time with clients, helping each person accentuate their natural movements and expressions, imparting their own unique personality and emotion on each photograph. From a visual standpoint, Doug expertly controls the shadows and highlights within his photographs to create visually stunning, unmatched tonal range and beauty, elevating the unique lines of each person’s expressions of timeless work of photographic art.

After the shoot, Doug will use his talented artistic eye to choose a selection of the best images from each photo shoot to go through a detailed editing process. Chosen from many hundreds of raw photographs, the selected pictures will be custom cropped to enhance composition, expertly adjusted for tonal range and completely edited by Doug himself to ensure flawless presentation. This time intensive (and most often neglected) process, is just part of what separates Doug’s photographs from other photographers work and enables his prints to be rightfully called, Fine Art.

Many of the most famous, renowned and accomplished photographers in the world today have enthusiastically embraced digital photography for its exceptional image quality, archival characteristics and nearly limitless creative flexibility. Professional level equipment and state of the art editing techniques enable a new breed of photographer to stand on the shoulders of yesterday’s finest film photographers to create unique photographs that quite simply could only have be imagined just a few short years ago.

Doug has all of his photo’s custom printed on the finest quality papers. Prints exhibit a tonal depth and sheer beauty that must be seen in person to fully appreciate. Archival quality pigment inks are used exclusively to ensure you’re photos will last for generations. In fact, when properly displayed or stored, these amazing prints will last for many years to come!


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